An Outpost Intensive Weeekend

The quest for authenticity escapes a man if he does not pursue it boldly.

The Spring Intensive is a deeper exploration into your journey with God & all He’s calling you to as a MAN. We will dig deep - You will not be left behind. You have been chosen for this.


But don’t take it from us, here’s what the men are saying:

“My heart was Walk is stronger and I feel recharged to be able to head out and lead my family, especially my two sons ages 13 and 11.  I realized through the weekend how dangerous it is to stand on the sidelines, thinking I was out of bounds...but clearly the deceiver doesn't recognize our barriers. “

“I wanted to share with you both how much I thank you for putting on this incredible weekend for men. I came home prepared to conquer the world only this time I had been programmed to really handle it. All of us probably take away different benefits from the weekend depending on what is going on at their home, work, spiritual walk etc. The biggest gift for me was when I found out I was the son of a Barbarian King. (Jesus)”

“The Outpost was a life changing experience for me. Please keep doing what you’re doing because you are directly challenging men to make a choice that they have to make to have a true and purposeful mission and journey with the Lord.”

“The weekend was awesome!  You and your band of brothers did an incredible job.  Well done.”

“I want to thank you and your team for the weekend outside the Matrix.  This was my first Outpost and I have marked my calendar to be back next year.  I have been a Christ follower for three years now; and want to confess, this weekend exceeded all my expectations and more. “

“This past weekend was such a needed blessing for me. I have known I was desperately in need of something from God, but wasn't sure what to do to pursue that -- or perhaps was afraid to pursue it, for fear it wouldn't "take". I'm so glad God prompted me to find you all, and grateful to Him for the courage and tenacity to come. The week prior I didn't really face any obstacles, but I did experience doubts -- "you won't know anyone, it may not live up to your expectations, maybe you just need a weekend at home to relax". But I really felt that God had orchestrated the circumstances to bring me to this point, and if He wanted me to go, I'd better go.”

“This weekend was HUGE for me.  I truly believe the God was with me and guided me through this past weekend.  I felt closer than any other time in my short walk so far with our Lord.  I have to say that every turn was an eye opener!  I am utterly amazed at the wisdom that I learned about myself and how my past had wounds that I didn’t give credit to.  I came with an open mind as to what I would learn, and the Lord didn’t disappoint! “